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Melissa Cameron.

My name is Melissa Cameron. I have a Master of Education Degree and a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in History and a concentration in French and Russian. I have been tutoring since 2007, starting out while I was raising my twin daughters Isabella and Aleksandra and my son Mackenzie. As I was working on my Master’s degree, I began to tutor French immersion students. I gradually developed my expertise to include Math, Science, Social Studies, and English; I am now even tutoring Precalculus, Chemistry and Statistics to university students. I have learned that I really enjoy working with learners one on one to help them overcome their fears and anxiety about learning: The majority of students suffer more from anxiety and a lack of self-confidence than a lack of ability or knowledge. Sometimes students just need someone to support them and help them work on their weaknesses which that they can turn into strengths.

I do not shy away from a challenge, and will help students with pretty well any subject area in which I am confident.

Here is what I offer:


  • One on one instruction in: 1) Math K-12 including Calculus; 2)  Science K-12 3)English (all levels), 4) French K-12; 5) Social Studies (all levels); and Statistics.

  •  Editing services and résumé / cover letter preparation. I have honed my skills in these areas with my extensive education and varied work experiences. 

  • Research, both qualitative and quantitative. I am excellent at research and can guide students to become better researchers and essay writers.  

  • Patience,  kindness and tolerance. In my office, students can feel free to learn in the ways that best suit his/her learning style. In my initial assessment and visit with my students I analyze their learning style and review their report cards and academic information that I am provided.

  •  Goal setting in consultation with the parents and the student. With the student’s and parents’ permission, I will follow my student’s progress by contacting teachers and counsellors, and following daily their grades on Checkmymark.,

  • Extensive discussion of assignments and problem areas during each session with my student to make sure that he or she is keeping up with assignments. I find this to be the most effective way of making sure that my student is seeing an improvement in his or her abilities. It is also a way of getting learners to take ownership of their own learning.

  • My space is non-denominational and is open to anyone no matter their sexual orientation, racial background or religious beliefs.  If you choose me to tutor you or your child, you are guaranteed honesty, compassion, dedication and a supportive environment. I treat my students like they are part of my family.

  • I also offer FaceTime or Skype sessions when students need assistance from a distance. I also will help with homework questions, via email or text, when I am not in session.


My fees range between $40-50/per hour depending on the service. I book sessions in 1-hour blocks. If you require more or less than that we can negotiate depending on the spots that I have available.  Advance payments are collected at the beginning of the month. There is a $40 non-refundable registration fee. I have a 24-hour cancellation policy, I will post any cancellations on my  Remind App. This will allow students to take a session upon availability. If a canceled session is filled, then a credit will go toward the next bill. If it is not filled, then the payment will not be refunded.  I will do my best to make up a missed session at a different time. My cancellation policy allows students who need the help to take the cancelled time slot to get extra assistance. In the past, requests for constant change in the time slots have caused me much stress and anxiety, which has lead me to require payment in advance. Students wishing to switch spots can do so on the Remind App. 

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